Dreams come true

When i was a teenager i fell in love with a British singer. I watched him on TV only once. It need to say that TV in USSR was quite specific. We had no opportunity to watch some TV programmes from others countries. Somewhere i managed to find tiny black and white picture of my hero. Since then I have had the records all of their songs. There was a group. I have enjoyed listening to his unusual voice and their music.
In our days, it is so unbelievable, i won't dare, but i can say hello to him on twitter. Moreover, in forseen future he will visit our country and I am going to see his perfomance. 40 years later. I am happy. By the way, his name is Cris Norman and Smokie.
I don't know what video to choose....https://youtu.be/iGaF4tKUl0o

Victims of terror in Saint-Petersburg

There was a terrorist act in our city. The explosion has tooken away some lives.
This time I was in my office. It looked terribly. Six floors, some hundreds of people at the same time tried to get through to their close relatives, friends...  The cellular communication was overloaded... People were nervous...they were waiting for answers impatiently....but not of all have got  them...

It's so sad..

She was a young woman. She was still thirty one. She was my collegue. I didn't know her very well. And she has passed away. Cancer. She wanted to live. She has desided for having a baby, although doctors discourage her from doing it. But she insisted on it. Her ten month old son is an orphan now. And one day he will have to know where is the old semetery and his mother's grave with a beautiful woman on picture.
Life is going on.

My new place

Eventually we have chosen our new place. We had looked about thirty apartments before we could find place, which we liked. We have bought it and moved two weeks ago. Living near the city center we wanted to be closer to the nature. We have managed to get it.
Initially, we have found a wasp nest in the right corner of our window. Then we have seen bird's nest with two nestlings just under our window. We were laughing. There are a lot of nature around us. And now we meet morning sunrises.

Victory's day

Today is the great day of our history. In addition to it there is sunny spring day off. I love spring in our city. This is the season of the white nights. When we were young, we used to walk around the city all nights long. We have gone by boats along the rivers and channels, which go through our city. It was romantic years.
It's morning on my photo.

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At Home

We are at home now. We had a good time in Moscow. We have visited Blum's clinic, and were examined by our expert for health. We have got our plan of exercises for next six month.
I found a friend of mine. Sixteen years ago I met him on the internet. We talked with each other in a chat. We have never seen each other. But I have known almost all about him. He has known almost all about me. He was writting beautiful poems. We lived in different cities, we had our families, children, troubles and ways. And gradually we have lost one another. Lately, while using his poem I have found him. It was unbelievable exciting thing. We by the skin of our teeth can stop writting and fall asleep. As before we prefer writting letters to speaking by skype. We are going to see each other in the nearest future.

Good news

We can breath freely. Our friend has been undergone an operation. He feels very well. And tomorrow we are going to Moscow to have some relax. To be more precise I am going alone, because my husband has already gone. He conducted trainings at weekend there and made a little money for entertainment. New impressions are waiting for us.